About DeepthiArtdesigner

Hi! I'm Deepthi Ch from Andhra Pradesh and studying Master Of Business Administration. My hobbies are drawing, gardening, DiY crafts,clay arts etc,.

My Art Journey started from my childhood by watching Mom. My mother know many art works like paintings, clay arts etc,. She helps alot to my science exhibiton project works in my childhood. While she was doing painting I am very enthusiasm to draw the art. When I am in eight years old I participate in a school drawing competition and I draw an art about the nature, trees by the help of my Mom. I got a price and it rises more interest to do art works. My Art Journey started from that day and it continues now and I made some greetings cards by my own the birthday occations of my mother, father, brother, relatives and also friends.

When I have completed my intermediate I ecided to do something for myself. While silk thread is very famous, then I made simple silk thread bangles. I made alot of bangles for my relatives function. My Mom and Uncle encouraging me that you are doing well, " Customize the silk thread bangles and more unique designs" . Then I decide to do silk thread bangles but I don't know different designs present on the bangles. My uncle said that customize just thirty bangles for my daughter birthday. Then we will go for this silk thread to business mode. My mother is an artist and she hae more embroidery material in her crafts almarah. She draw more unique designs along with me and helps me alot. My first order of silk thread to my Cousins birthday then I neatly packed the bangles in a gift box for return gifts purpose in that birthday. All the friends who attend the function, they more appreciating me and my art. They asked to do more unique designs of bangles are earrings. while I was in my graduation holidays, I used the time for making these silk thread bangles and earrings. I and my Mom made different varieties of silk thread bangles and jhumkas. But today also you can't watch on youtube or any websites. All the designs of bangles purchased .

Every holidays of my graduation I learnt a new art from my Mom. In my childhood my Mom grew more rose plants and all varieties of flower plants. She propagate the plants in different ways. I became a garden lover. I went to nursery with my Mom and purchases more plants for my garden.

In my graduation period I was very bored to wear readymade dresses thats why I was very interested to design my own dresses. I went to shop and purchase saree and one design fabric and gave it to the tailor. I design first time my long frock. When my birthday I wore that long frock and went to my college. All of my friends asked that " Where you purchase, How much that cost"? from that day I started my designer dresses like long frocks, churidars tops, kurthis etc,. colourncombination is my final decision and I customized five dresses to my cousins. I got alot of appreciation from my relatives and friends. My friends asking me that customize the design dress for them. But I was very busy with my education and I only designed for mine.

My mom bought sarees for me but I don't want to wear the attached blouses of that sarees. I designed latest unique blouses for my sarees. My Mom designed the blouses for her old Pattu Sarees. All of my dresses are unique designs and my friends and relatives appreciating more and its give me more encouragement.

I learned small clay arts from my Mom. Silk thread jewellery, Clay arts, garden etc, worls I learnt from my Mom. My education is not completed so thats why I am not do any business. But I want to share my knowledge about these things that's why I have started Web design.

During in my graduation I learn Web designing and I make my own website artdesigner.in and I share my own designing dresses, sarees, silk thread bangles, my Mom's clay arts, paintings. As a nature lover, I share some of plants in my garden.

I only share some of the pictures of silk thread jewellery like -

Sllk thread bangles.


Big bangles.

Set pairs etc.

Designer dresses like -

Long frocks.




All types of Sarees, Blouses.

Designer blouses.

Garden like -

Indoor plants.

Outdoor plants.

Propagating water plants like -

spider plants, Snake plants propagating in DIY plant pots.

DIY plant pots like -

Old Teacups, Kids milk cups,plastic cups.

I am growing money plants in som of DIY plant pots like Teacups set.

Some of the fern plants are propagating in DIY plant pots.

Succulents leaves are propagating in water.

Clay articles like -

Miniature clay arts.

Flower Vase with nail polish like bottles, caps.

Small Succulents.

I make DIY flowers with Corn Husk and also glass paintings.

After completion of my education, I will start my own business with my interesting art works and who are interested in the arts support my website.